Wyatt Mazour wanted to be a Husker

Wyatt Mazour says that he probably had things figured out before the opportunity to walk-on at Nebraska came around. He admits that there is a new vibe with the new staff in comparison to the previous group.

Wyatt Mazour is listed as an athlete on the Huskers.com website. The Nebraska walk-on from Albion (Nebr.) Boone Central comes is listed at 5-foot-9 and 190-pounds and says he figures in on the offensive side of the football and on special teams.

"On offense I think that I will either play slot or running back," Mazour said. "They want me as a returner as well. I am going on a visit to Lincoln with some of the other walk-ons.

"I think that I am a better fit at running back. I am built more like a running back and that's what I think that I do the best."

Mazour had options when it came to where he wanted to go to school. He had other walk-on opportunities and he had some scholarship offers. He admits that the decision was difficult to make.

Iowa State and Wyoming both wanted me to walk-on. Morningside had offered me a scholarship and UNK had offered me as well. It was really a tough decision to make."

You'd think that with options that things would come clearer. The fact of the matter is that Mazour kind of had things figured out until the opportunity to come to Lincoln was made.

"It was tough when Nebraska offered. I had to make my decision quick and if I was going to take a scholarship I was going to go to UNK. It was a really tough decision.

"I sat down with my family and I really went with my heart. I have always wanted to play for Nebraska. So, I decided to make it a reality."

Mazour had made it to Lincoln a couple of times this season to check out some games. He had a little communication with the old staff, but he didn't hear from the new staff until they had been in Lincoln for a month and a half. But, he admits that things feel different with the new staff in comparison to the old staff.

"In a way it did," Mazour said. "I was hearing a bit from Bo Pelini's staff and went to check out the Minnesota and Miami games. Then they were all fired and I didn't hear from anyone.

"I actually didn't hear from the new staff for about six weeks until after the new head coach was hired. Then they contacted me out of the blue and I needed to make a decision.

"This coach brings a different vibe with him to Nebraska. He wants to bring championships back to Nebraska and he really wants to embrace the traditions.

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