Zeb Noland planning trip to Nebraska

After not taking a quarterback in the class of 2015 the position is under the spotlight in the class of 2016. This quarterback recruit will be in Lincoln later next month.

Watkinsville (Ga.) Oconee County quarterback Zeb Noland is planning a trip to check out a Big Ten school next month with team mate Jaleel Laguins. The 6-foot-2 and 205-pound Noland says that Nebraska staff wants to get a closer look at him.

"Jaleel got an offer from Nebraska when the new staff got there," Noland said. "When Coach Trent Bray came here he saw Jaleel, watched me and sent my film to the offensive guys.

"He said that after he sent my film to the offensive staff at Nebraska that they liked me after they watched it. They wanted me to come out so they can get a better look at me."

Laguins and Noland know football in Georgia and he admits that they both know a little something about the tradition at Nebraska. The visit should help both of the recruits compare how they have seen things done before in the past.

"Jameel and I know a little bit about the tradition there, but people don't just talk about Nebraska football here. We are eight miles away from Athens, Ga. and the University of Georgia.

"We want to see the practice tempo there at Nebraska and we want to see how things are there. We have been to Georgia a number of times and we want to see how they compare."

The teammates are going to Lincoln on a weekend that works the best for them. It's not necessarily a junior day that they know about or anything. But it was a weekend where the two of them didn't have something to do athletically.

"We are going to visit Nebraska on March 27th through the 29th. I am not sure if that's a weekend for Nebraska's junior day, but I know that they are having spring practices. It's also a weekend that Jaleel doesn't have track and I don't have 7-on-7."

Noland grew up in the house of a football coach and basically into an offense. There was a player that came through his dad's high school that he wanted to play like and he has opportunities to still work out with when he's back in town.

"I grew up the son of a head coach and I grew up in his offense," Noland said. "Jonathan Crumpton played for my dad and I still train with him. I took his style and wanted to play like him. I throw first, but am not afraid to extend with my feet."

Noland said that he doesn't have any offers yet, but he is getting attention from a number of other schools. He isn't sure yet of any other plans for the spring or summer beyond the Nebraska trip.

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