Austin Hemphill walking on at Nebraska

The fullback tradition at Nebraska is something that people would like to see return. Particularly when it comes to bringing in another "hard-nosed", walk-on to play the position.

Nebraska fans should be excited that there is a fullback in the walk-on class for Nebraska. Austin Hemphill from Gretna (Nebr.) is excited about his future it Lincoln, but it was something that almost wasn't until the coaching change.

Before Mike Riley and his staff came to Lincoln there wasn't a lot of serious conversation," Hemphill said. "When the change took place there wasn't any communication for weeks. My first contact was a call from Ryan Gunderson.

" I took a visit to Nebraska on the 26th and I spoke to him just the Thursday before. Over the phone he offered me a walk-on spot. We met with the coaches, talked with Coach Riley briefly and just saw everything in general. We are excited to be a part of this!"

Hemphill went to camp at Nebraska last summer and he had a chance to talk with the staff under Bo Pelini. He had a lot of respect for them, but not a lot came from the camp. And while he wasn't really for the coaching change he is excited to be part of the Huskers under Mike Riley.

"Jared Bruggman and I went to camp last summer. I met with Coach Ron Brown, who is an awesome guy and coach, but it didn't exactly lead to anything.

"I don't necessarily think it's a good thing with the coaching change. But, I think that everyone has a clean slate coming in now. I think the coaches and the staff that they have now are very capable."

The fullback at Nebraska hasn't done a lot as a whole in recent years. Hemphill went home after his visit to Lincoln to see how much Coach Riley and his offense used the fullback and it was surprising to Hemphill. Still, he says that the fullback spot isn't known for being a scorer. They can be an important piece of an offense though.

"My family and I noticed on our visit when talking to Riley that they are very interested in the idea of having a fullback," Hemphill said. "I went home and wanted to do some research about it.

"I did some research about Oregon State tendencies with the fullback. They typically had two fullbacks who averaged about 15 receptions a year and 10 rushing attempts. You won't score a lot, but that's the nature of the position. It's a hard nosed position."

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