Walk-on chance changed path for Reid Karel

There were some disappointed Nebraska fans when there wasn't a quarterback in the 2015 class. With one walk-on already on the depth chart it's not difficult to understand that could motivate Reid Karel.

Reid Karel from Seward (Nebr.) thought he was going to be headed to a D-II school to play football. The opportunity to be a Husker was always a dream and was the best fit for Karel.

"As our season started going the seniors on the team started to get more attention," Karel said. "I was talking with Colorado School of Mines and some other D-II schools. Going to Nebraska was always a dream of mine. It was where I felt like I fit the best."

The fact of the matter is that there were opportunities to play a sport in college that Karel hadn't planned on. He definitely wanted to play college athletics, but he thought it would be on a baseball diamond.

"I always thought that I would play baseball in college. That was until the opportunity came up with Nebraska. When I got the opportunity to walk-on that when I realized this was where I wanted to go."

To say that Karel saw an opportunity when Mike Riley was hired is an understatement. Admittedly, there was little to no communication with the previous staff and when Riley got the job Karel got to writing -- literally.

"I got some things from Nebraska from time to time. I got a couple of emails, but I didn't hear a lot from them. Then the coaching change and I approached it as an opportunity.

"I sent Coach Mike Riley an handwritten letter and I emailed the new staff. They told me they were looking at spots and they would let me know. The opportunity came up the week before signing day."

There are many reasons to appreciate the Nebraska walk-ons. Typically they turn down monetary offers to play elsewhere and Nebraska is the realization of a dream. There is also the attitude and work ethic that people appreciate too.

"I have been talking to some of the other walk-ons. We really just want to come in an work hard and show what we can do. We want to show everyone how hard we work and our work ethic."

Karel says that quarterbacks all have their different strengths. He says that his is getting the most out of all of the players around him.

"Every quarterback has their motivations and they know what they do best," Karel said. "I think that I thrive off of making people better and pushing them. I look forward to this opportunity to play at Nebraska."

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