Nebraska in good shape with Kevin Davidson

Kevin Davidson was comfortable with Mike Riley and his coaching staff at Oregon State. Now with Riley at Nebraska the talented quarterback recruit says that nothing changes and he would like to visit Nebraska soon.

Oakland (Calif.) McClymonds quarterback Kevin Davidson was being recruited by Mike Riley at Oregon State. The 6-foot-4 and 215-pound Davidson got in touch with Riley's staff at Nebraska who explained they would be busy until signing day, but he is expecting to hear from them soon.

"I had a lot of contact with them when they were at Oregon State," Davidson said. "I would talk to them about every day and I heard from briefly when they started at Nebraska.

"They said that they were going to be very busy until signing day which I expected with the short time frame that they had. I expect thing to start picking up again once spring rolls around when they can come and watch me throw."

Davidson says that he was getting close with the staff at Oregon State. He says that he was talking to them regularly over social media.

"I enjoyed visiting with them and I was talking with a few coaches on the staff about every other day via Twitter. I was very comfortable with Mike Riley and his staff."

There is the issue that Coach Riley is no longer at Oregon State and isn't even in the same conference anymore. Davidson says it doesn't matter and he would like to get to Lincoln soon based on when Nebraska starts to recruit him again.

"Nothing changes at all," Davidson said. "I would really like to visit Nebraska soon. I'm going to wait for that contact to pick back up and talk about an offer before I'm going to plan something, but I am looking forward to it."

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