BRR Filmroom: Aaron Williams

One of three defensive backs on campus at mid-year for the Huskers. Aaron Williams shows that he is a solid defender in the defensive secondary.

Aaron Williams played for Atlanta (Ga.) Carver since his freshman year. It’s really no surprise then when you put on his senior highlights you see a guy that is just playing at another level. You can detect a player that just has a feel that others apparently lack.

With Williams on campus he will get a jump on learning the defense and trying to put himself in a position to have an impact early in his career. When you flip on the film you see what makes Williams special and how he could flash early in his time in Lincoln.

You will lose what makes Aaron Williams special if you only consider the defensive back on paper. Slated to play safety, the 5-foot-11 and 181-pound Williams doesn’t have great size by today’s standards when you can find 6-foot-1 or even 6-foot-2 and 200-pound+ giants on some DI teams.

That will sometimes get a player disqualified by some colleges. They will come to Carver High School and ask the coach what he’s got. When the coach shows them Williams they will often times respond ‘We want a longer safety this year. We need a 6-foot-1 or taller guy’.

But, what separates Williams is his ability to play the football while it’s in the air. You can just see the natural instinct that he has as a player back there at the safety spot and how he puts himself in a position to make the play.

Williams can do more than just play in space and play the football. He shows a tremendous ability to diagnose coming downhill from the third level and support the run. He also shows that he has the ability to be used as a blitzer and be disruptive.

There is an added bonus on Williams though and if you watch his highlights it’s probably the plays that were glossed over. His blocking on special teams is very impressive. There is some chaos on kickoff return where you have to find a person to block in a short radius. Williams does that well and de-cleats people with his blocks.

I am not overlooking the offensive elements of the video tape. If you stare and compare Williams with Eric Lee you will see similarities in how the two were used offensively for their football teams despite being defensive players.

When you see things like that is speaks to their versatility, athleticism and the value added with them on the offensive side of the ball. Williams clearly knows what to do with the football in his hands which helps after he pulls down interceptions in Lincoln for the coming years.

Williams will get lost when you look at the commitment list. Remember that he’s in Lincoln now, along with a couple of other freshman defensive backs, and that they are learning together. There is great time to gel now and develop chemistry for three guys that could be roaming the defensive secondary for years to come.

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