Up for debate: Expectations going forward

What are the expectations for Nebraska football recruiting going forward?

In our next issue of Big Red Report magazine, we ask Big Red Report’s Josh Harvey and Bryan Munson, contributor Matt Svoboda, and Scout.com’s Derek Young a series of recruiting questions.

For a small preview, check out this question.


HARVEY: I really don’t know until we see a full recruiting year under the new staff, but I’m optimistic. We have heard the 500-mile will be a focus before, so I’m really excited to see if the staff does try to own it. I think there is enough talent to get at least 50 percent of the class from Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Illinois, and of course Nebraska.

MUNSON: Very simply, I am optimistic. I had seen improvements with the efforts under Bo Pelini the past two to three years by starting Big Red Weekend and the junior day the Saturday before signing day last year was a big win. But, they were still plagued by the issues on being non-productive while everyone is out on vacation during the summer (the month of July) and staffs like Ohio State are pulling in big parts of their class during that time and recruits are finally getting opportunities to travel and see the schools and Nebraska has no one on campus. Additionally, there was always a lack of commitments during the season when it came with official visitors. I am not sure what to attribute this to. I fault Nebraska by not being a little more firm with their top prospects and trying to close them on campus. I understood and somewhat appreciated the 'if you don't want to be here then...' approach by the staff. But, it's not a way to run your program with ALL of the recruits that come to visit. You will end up playing against too many of them down the line.

SVOBODA: They ought to rank between 15-25 on an annual basis. If they can do that and develop like most believe Riley can they can compete at the top level, like Michigan State. It starts with classes in that 15-25 range.

YOUNG: I expect them to pay attention to their home base more. The 500-mile radius is a great strategy and one that can carry huge success. The top players in Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri are often free game. There's around 10-12 prospects in that area combined each year that should bring heavy attention from the Huskers. Add in the junior college prospects, and Nebraska doesn't have to go as far from home consistently as one might think.

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