Mike Riley talks Blackshirts

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley talked about the Blackshirt tradition late last week.

Appearing on ESPN AM 590 in Omaha, new Nebraska head coach Mike Riley was asked comically when he would be handing out the Blackshirts. The head coach took the question literally, in the process revealing the way he will likely handle the tradition.

"I don’t yet for sure, but I can say this. I talked with Coach (Charlie) McBride about it. I had lunch with Coach (Tom) Osborne the other day and we talked about it. I’m gathering information from people that know the history," Riley told the radio station. "I love the whole idea and how it started.

"(We) will probably closely copy what they did when they first started the Blackshirt tradition."

A very important tradition to Nebraska fans, the distribution of the Blackshirts to the Husker defense has been a major storyline under the last two coaching staffs. Many fans felt the tradition had been altered to a point where it wasn't even worth having it around any longer.

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