Mike Riley discusses 2015 captains

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley was asked how he would handle picking captains for the 2015 season on Tuesday by Sharp and Benning in the Morning.

After getting asked a couple different times over the last week on how he will handle the Blackshirt tradition, Nebraska head coach Mike Riley took on a new topic of interest Tuesday, when joining Sharp and Benning in the Morning on AM 1620 out of Omaha.

How will the 2015 captains be selected?

“I have always liked the team select the captains. I’m not sure I will do it yet, since we haven’t been here long. But I usually do it at the end of spring practice,” Riley told the radio station. “I have always thought that it’s nice to have the leadership selected by the team that will take that team into the summer.”

Coaches are prohibited from coaching players during the summer months, which is usually when captains are most important.

“I think the summer is a great time for development of the team by the team members,” said Riley. “They get to establish the leadership by the vote of the captains and the captains can take on a real responsibility that is really important in making sure everyone is getting ready for the fall. It’s player motivated.”

Some candidates we could see getting the nod eventually include.

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