Notebook: Nebraska pre-spring presser

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley and crew talk about the upcoming spring practices.

LINCOLN, Neb. - Nebraska’s Mike Riley didn’t want 100 players standing around watching spring practice on Saturday, as the new staff implements their offense and defense. The head coach hopes he has a solution for the problem.

Riley will split his team into two teams – Team Red and Team White. The two squads will have a mix of both young and returning players.

“When we go individual period, instead of Keith Williams our wide receiver coach working with 18 guys at one time, he will work with nine,” said Riley.

Riley said the two teams will overlap for a few periods to work on special teams together.

The head coach isn’t sure if the format will stick, but right now it’s only planned for Saturday.

Quarterback talk dominates the questions

For months Nebraska fans and media have been prepping themselves for the biggest storyline in the spring – the quarterback position.

True to form, quarterback questions dominated Riley’s press conference on Wednesday, many surrounding returning starter Tommy Armstrong

Riley reports the junior will be on the Red Team and will receive the first-team snaps.

"Guys who have played in games have an advantage because there's nothing like playing in the games," said Riley. "That is multiplied for quarterbacks. Our job is to give guys who haven't played much in games ample opportunity to compete, and then we'll have to make a judgment where that goes."

Armstrong who also talked to reporters, explained his first conversation with new offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf.

"First thing he told me was that I'm not going to be a running back,” said a laughing Armstrrong. “"He wants me to sit in the pocket, deliver the ball when I can and make smart decisions.”

Riley and crew’s offense will look like a pro-set, which Armstrong ran his junior year in high school.

“It’s nothing new, I just got get back to it,” said Armstrong. “I think it’s getting easier.”

Harvey’s presser donuts

* Riley reported sophomore running back Adam Taylor was cleared earlier this week, meaning the former Texas prep will be able to practice.

* Senior offensive lineman Alex Lewis, who is no stranger to adjusting to new coaches, said offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh is a "work-you-harder, love-you-harder,” type of coach and something the position room “needed.” More on this topic in the coming days.

* Nebraska senior corner Daniel Davie is on his fourth secondary coach since the beginning of his career at Nebraska, but described it as business. He said he will respect his coach, no matter who it is, and will try to learn everything he can from Brian Stewart.

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