Nathan Smith will visit Nebraska

Nathan Smith is a name that Nebraska fans had hoped would pick up a Nebraska offer. The talented tackle did get one recently and he is planning a visit to Lincoln soon.

Nathan Smith from Murrieta (Calif.) Mesa is quickly becoming one of Nebraska fans' favorite recruits to follow. The four-star recruit is excited that spring ball is starting soon, but his teammates opposite him might not be.

"I think that we start spring practices next week," Smith said. "I am looking forward to getting back out there and just getting a chance to hit people again."

Smith has been working hard in the off-season. Don't believe me? Go and check out his workout videos on YouTube. He says that he's tried to get stronger.

"I have just been trying to get bigger, a little heavier and really working on my feet. I switched from defensive end to offensive tackle. I put on 60-pounds from one year to the next.

"I have been sick the last two weeks, but I am still around 268-pounds right now. I lost about five pounds. I want to stay around 275-pounds. That's my goal."

The move from defensive line to offensive line was fine with Smith. He's always liked playing on that side of the ball. Playing tackle for Mesa puts him in a situation to protect a buddy.

"I have always liked offensive line. I get to protect my best friend who is our quarterback. I also like getting able to hit someone on every play."

Smith has the size that you look for in an offensive tackle coming in at 6-foot-7 and around 270-pounds. He can move. He has strength. But, the college coaches have loved some other parts of his game that you have to see on film.

"From what I have heard from all of the college coaches they said that I really understand leverage. They also say that they like my hands and that I am aggressive."

Nebraska fans were excited to hear that Smith picked up a Nebraska offer recently. This is mainly due to some ties back to Nebraska. Smith did watch the Huskers a little bit growing up as a result.

"My dad is a huge Nebraska fan," Smith said. "His family is from there. I used to watch them a bit when I was younger. I don't watch college football a lot now."

Smith had a chance to speak with the Nebraska staff since picking up an offer from Nebraska. "The coaching staff all seem like very genuine people. I am going to visit Nebraska this spring."

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