Nebraska spring questions: OL

Will the six Nebraska seniors lead the offensive line up front in the spring or will a talented redshirt freshman group overshadow them.

(Scholarship OLs on the roster)

1.) Matt Finnin – senior
2.) Chongo Kondolo – redshirt senior
3.) Alex Lewis – redshirt senior
4.) Givens Price – redshirt senior
5.) Ryne Reeves – redshirt senior
6.) Zach Sterup – redshirt senior
7.) Paul Thurston – redshirt junior
8.) Corey Whitaker – redshirt junior
9.) Zach Hannon – redshirt sophomore
10.) Dwayne Johnson – redshirt sophomore
11.) David Knevel – redshirt sophomore
12.) Tanner Farmer – redshirt freshman
13.) D.J. Foster – redshirt freshman
14.) Nick Gates – redshirt freshman

Will the seniors lead up front?

With six seniors up front, it can be argued offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh is walking into the best situation among the new assistant coaches.

The question is, will those six seniors step up and lead?

“I know they were a well coached group – you look at what Coach Cotton and Coach Garrision did with them,” said Cavanaugh, when talking about the offensive line. “I watched the Holiday Bowl against USC on tape. They play hard. That’s one thing I love. There were obviously some things that I saw that we are going to need to continue to work on. I’m just looking forward to joining them and hopefully have them gaining my trust.”

Givens Price:

Alex Lewis video:

Will the former high school All-Americans make an impact?

Cavanaugh’s redshirt freshman class is good – really good. It includes D.J. Foster, Tanner Farmer, and Nick Gates, who were all high school All-Americans in 2014.

While Foster was the only one that seemed to make a lot of noise last season, all three have potentially bright futures and could be ready to make in impact right away.

For a new coaching staff, it might be easier to turn to the three now to start up front, knowing they would have four years to potentially start in the system.

“I kind of want to go in with a clean slate. I did the same thing at Hawaii and Oregon State,” said Cavanaugh, when asked how he would balance senior experience and potential. “I want to know a little bit about the guys, so I know where they might fit. But I don’t want to watch too much.”

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