Noah Davis talks about spring trips

Nebraska will be looking for multiple tight end recruits in the 2015 class. This tight end picked up a Nebraska offer recently and says that the Huskers like his film and feel like he could potentially help them out.

Noah Davis from Cincinnati (Ohio) St. Xavier is going to be taking some trips in the coming weeks. The 6-foto-5 and 230-pound tight end with a double-digit offer total knows of three trips that he has set and there will be more over the summer.

"In the beginning of April I am going to South Bend," Davis said. "I am also going to Wake Forest and to Boston College. I set those visits up a while ago. I am not sure on anywhere else. Then I will take some visits this summer."

The Huskers are one of the latest offers for Davis who said that Nebraska called his head coach. The Nebraska defensive line coach was on the phone and Davis also had a chance to speak with the tight ends coach as well.

"I spoke with Nebraska tight ends coach Tavita Thompson a bit. Nebraska offered me after they called my coach. It was Hank Hughes who will recruit my are. I spoke with Coach Thompson then.

"Coach Thompson had some good tings to say to me. He said that he liked my film and really my ability to stretch a defense. They said that I am athletic and that they plan on using the tight end a lot."

Davis says that he can do a little bit of everything at the tight end position. You have to be diverse to play the tight end position. You are lined up next to the tackle on some plays and have to set an edge. Others, you have to catch passes and show athleticism and an ability to make plays.

"I would say that my strengths are my blocking and my ability to make short catches and turn them into big gains," Davis said. "I am not necessary a speed guy, but I can get open and I can break tackles."

Davis says that he's looking for a balance of academics and athletics with his college decision. He has listened to advice for him when it comes to his decision and says that he will really leverage his decision more around the school and less around the staff.

"It's a 50-50 split with academics and sports on my college decision," Davis said. "At some point, football is going to stop. I have to make a decision that takes that into consideration.

"My mom and dad said to me -- and I agree with them -- that you have to fall in love with the school and not necessarily the coaches. I really need to be comfortable with the school."

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