Brian Stewart learning on fly

New Nebraska defensive backs coach Brian Stewart, who hasn't been on the job long, admits he's only about five days ahead of the players when it comes to learning Mark Banker's defense. Come inside for a video from Monday's post-practice session.

LINCOLN, Neb. - It's been a crazy couple of weeks for former Maryland defensive coordinators now Nebraska secondary coach Brian Stewart.

Almost immediately after being hired, Stewart's coaching defensive backs in a system he's still learning himself.

On Monday, the newest member of the Nebraska secondary talked with the media for the first time.

Stewart's defensive background is in a 3-4 formation. While Nebraska will likely run some 3-man fronts from time-to-time, predominantly they will be a 4-3 team.

Big Red Report asked for the former coordinator what will be the biggest adjustment for him coaching the backend in Mark Banker's defense.

"On the strong side not as much," said Stewart when talking about the difference. "Because on the strong side those safeties overhang, so that's consistent. On the weak side, sometimes in our Cover 3 and coverages, that corner is always playing man, because the guy that is the flat player is on the line of scrimmage, looking like he's coming. So that's the big difference for me."

Nebraska cornerback Jonathan Rose, who has had his fair share of secondary coaches during his career at Nebraska and Auburn, was asked to describe Stewart after practice.

"I feel like he's always open to everything," said Rose. "He's a player's coach. I feel very comfortable talking to him and learning from him. He's not one of those guys that make you feel uptight when it comes to a new coach."

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