Q&A with De'Mornay Pierson-El

Nebraska receiver De"Mornay Pierson-El talks about the first couple spring practices under a new staff.

Are you seeing more variety (in how they use you)?
"A little bit more. A couple things have been added in besides the jet sweep."

How do you like that?
"I’m getting used to it, it’s warming up to me. It will be fun to do it in the games."

Coach Williams, what is he like?
"A go-getter. He’s going to push you to your limits and make sure he gets the best out of you - that you perform to your highest."

In what ways has he been different than the previous staff?
"I would probably say a little more technique based. He actually played the position, so he understands how to run routes and breaking down the receiver position as a whole."

When he’s played the position and put some guys into the NFL, does that give him some immediate clout with the group?
"Of course it does. It shows his track record and that his system works. It gives him a little more pull."

What about his coaching style?
"I love it. He gets after you about things and makes sure you are performing at your highest at all times. I really enjoy it."

What about blocking, do you think this staff puts as much emphasis on it as the previous staff did?
"At this point, I would say probably not right now. We have been a little more focused on getting the tempo of the offense. We have talked about blocking, but it’s a little bit more about how the scheme is run right now."

Special teams wise, what’s it like to have a special teams coordinator and has your role expanded?
"You go to one person now, instead of a group of coaches, so I’m still getting used tot that. He makes me understand how and what we are going to do. How we are going to attack it and the calls. He asks me how I feel about things, so it’s all right."

What has it been like with a hard count?
"As a wide receiver you go off the ball, so it’s not really a thing to me. When the ball goes, you go."

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