Chris Oladokun will take visits

The search for a quarterback in the 2016 class for Nebraska is extending. This USF commitment picked up an offer from Nebraska earlier in the week and says that he will take visits this summer and set a top five at the end of the summer for his official visits.

Tampa (Flor.) Alonso quarterback Chris Oladokun is a quarterback that is pulling in some good offers recently. Oladokun is coming off of a spring break which allowed him some opportunities to spend some time on the South Florida campus.

"I had spring break last week," Oladokun said. "I went to USF a couple of days, to some practices and their junior day. I haven't talked to USF about any of my new offers. I am not sure what they'll say. I am supposed to talk to them tomorrow."

Oladokun says that despite the new offers and the pending conversation with the USF coaches that the Bulls have always been his No. 1 team. He says that he's solid and doesn't want to risk anything.

"USF has always been my first choice even with the Nebraska offer. I have always had my eyes there. I am really solid to USF and don't want to put myself in a bad position."

The 6-foot-1 and 170-pound quarterback says that there is a bus tour to see some schools that he has planned. After that tour he says that there will some opportunities to visit other schools this summer. At the end of the summer he will set a top five when it comes to his his official visits.

"I will take trips," Oladokun said. "I will go to some places this summer. I am doing a bus tour to Wake Forest, North Carolina, Florida, Clemson, North Carolina State and after that I'll take visits to other schools.

"I really haven't had a chance to think about my official visits. I will come up with a top five. I want to talk it over with my family and I will set that list by the end of the summer."

The Nebraska offer is very recent and besides that Oladokun says he doesn't know a lot about Nebraska. He does know some things about Oregon State that he likes which should apply to Nebraska going forward.

"I don't know a lot about Nebraska," Oladokun said. "I remember watching a lot of Oregon State games with Coach Mike Riley there and they were a pass happy team. All quarterbacks have to like that."

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