Chris Jones back to physical style

Sophomore corner Chris Jones is back to his aggressive style this spring - similar to the way he played in high school the former Florida prep said.

LINCOLN, Neb. - Nebraska sophomore cornerback Chris Jones says a few wide receivers have wanted to kill him this spring.

His physical style isn’t for everybody.

“Sometimes maybe too aggressive. I think I’m just more physical than the rest of the corners,” said Jones, when asked by Big Red Report what separated him from the other cornerbacks on the squad. “In high school I was always aggressive. I slacked it up a bit transitioning from high school to college because I didn’t think I could do that. I’m starting to bring it out again. I feel like I play better when I’m aggressive.”

If that aggressiveness gives the former Florida prep confidence, Nebraska fans need to hope he continues with the style of play.

Jones has flashed multiple times this spring, looking like a guy who has a future as a starting Big Ten corner.

As a true freshman in 2014, Jones saw action in 12 contests, mostly on special teams. His time behind starting corners Daniel Davie and Josh Mitchell taught him patience.

“I think about it everyday,” said Jones, who says he often wishes he would have redshirted. “I could have had another year. At the same time, God saw fit for a different plan.”

Jones says he’s benefited from having multiple practices and two practice fields this spring. The corner feels guys are getting plenty of opportunities and it’s on the player if they waste them.

“It’s not like we are just sitting there watching everybody. We are all getting an equal opportunity and chance,” said Jones, who says it’s a clean slate for everybody with the new staff. “Everybody wants that spot and it means that everybody is going to push hard.”

Despite a loaded secondary, Jones says he has no interest in redshirting this season, feeling like he’s “no doubt” ready to play. In his words, he just still has to keep working.

That work even extended into spring break. Jones ran drills, lifted weights, and ran a lot. He was looking for any edge he could find.

“To me, there are no days off,” said Jones. “My mom is still working and I want to retire my mom. I just have to keep working.”

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