Zeb Noland impressed with Nebraska

Zeb Noland took a trip to Nebraska this past weekend in hope of coming away from the visit with an offer. He didn't get that offer, but he did come away feeling that Nebraska could be a possible destination for him if he does get an offer.

Watkinsville (Ga.) Oconee County quarterback Zeb Noland took his first flight on Friday to go to Nebraska. The 6-foot-2 and 220-pound quarterback said that there were some delays getting out of Georgia and as a result not a lot took place the first night that they were in Nebraska.

"Out flight got delayed a little out of Atlanta," Noland said. "We got there late on Friday and we just went to sleep. We had to be up early, about 8:00, and we walked around downtown looking for a place to eat."

The next morning came bright and early and the day was long. The tours were thorough showing Noland that Nebraska had nothing to hide and that everywhere he wanted to look that it was top quality facilities in Lincoln.

"We took the tour of everything. I fell in love a little bit with just the facilities. You go to every single level and room of that place and it's all nice, no junk. We saw the Heisman Room then went to the weight room and the locker room."

Noland was told that Nebraska had a sports science center. Hearing those words couldn't prepare him though. He said that the facility was incredible along with the indoor practice facility that he saw after that.

"They told me about a sports science facility and when we got up there to see it was nice," Noland said. "They had those pressure plates in the floor everywhere. It was nice. We then saw the indoor facility and talked about the plans for the facilities."

Noland then had a chance to sit down with the Nebraska quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator to talk about the offense he plans to run in Lincoln. They watched clips from Oregon State and from the spring practices so far to demonstrate the offense.

"I met with Coach Danny Langsdorf and we watched cut-ups from Oregon State and also from Nebraska spring practices. In my opinion, the guys at Nebraska now don't absolutely fit the puzzle piece perfectly. They are speed guys.

"Coach Langsdorf told us how the system works. Sean Mannion who was a quarterback for Oregon State didn't get a lot of credit. He did a really good job and that was impressive. There is a quarterback battle now at Nebraska and really they are each flawed like everyone else."

The hope was that Noland come to Lincoln and the Huskers offer the talented quarterback. It didn't work out that way. Noland did get a clear explanation about the offers that are out and how important a quarterback is in the class of 2016 for Nebraska.

"He did explain to me how they guys they've offered are those 'top 10' quarterbacks in the nation and how they deserve the offers," Noland said. "He also said that he wants to research everyone and find a guy. They have four guys on scholarship, they didn't take a 2015 guy and can't miss on a 2016 guy. It's all understandable."

Reflecting back on the visit Noland had some powerful words to say about the trip to Nebraska. He believes that the Huskers compare well with anyone in the nation. That's saying something considering some of the schools he's already seen before.

"I think that Nebraska compares well with any other campus in the country," Noland said. "The facilities are nice and everything is really close on campus. Lincoln is a great town and it's convenient. You can't do that a Georgia.

"I think that Nebraska compares well with everyone. I have see Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida State, Florida, Auburn and Clemson. I think that Nebraska can go up against any of them and say 'How can you beat this?'"

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