Spring Q&A: Tommy Armstrong (4-1-15)

Nebraska is installing a new offense this spring. How is it going for quarterback Tommy Armstrong?

How is your back?
“It feel great. Got a little week off because of spring break, so I got a little time to rehab.”

How was important was spring break for you guys to be able to step back and reassess the playbook and what you guys are trying to do on offense?
“It helped us a lot. I have been able to sit down with no practices and watch the film from the first half of spring ball. I was able to study the install for this week. I think it helped the team in general this week.”

Where do you think you have made the most strides this spring?
“Honestly being able to know my assignments and know where I need to go with the ball. Being able to put myself in the right situation to make to plays. It’s been difficult at times. But being able to sit back and watch film everyday, to see every single mistake we made, it helps us. Not just me in particular, but the whole quarterback squad.”

Does it ever get overwhelming? You mentioned a lot of things you are working on. Are you too ever consumed by it?
“It can be a problem if you don’t get in your playbook, you don’t study, you don’t know what you are doing. You can tell the difference between the guys who study and fix their mistakes. The thing this coaching staff doesn’t allow is you to make the same mistake twice. They want you to fix the mistake after they correct you. They want you to stay in your playbook. I think it’s going to be a great improvement for this team this spring.”

How do you personally go about learning the playbook?
“Honestly they give us different installs every week and give us time to study them. We study every install each week and sort of backtrack which ones we are going to run. This week we were have four to five installs that we have already installed, but he gives us a brief summary of what we need to look at in the past. Each and every day we are given a script of what we are going to run in practice.”

How is you rapport with the receivers this spring compared to years past?
“Actually our chemistry has been a lot better because we have been able to rotate a lot with those guys. We aren’t strictly with a couple receivers. We have a certain period where we throw with each and every receiver.”

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