Nailing down the radius – QB

As we head into the spring game we will take a look at the players that Nebraska has offered and is considering in the 500-mile radius of Lincoln. The radius is something that Mike Riley and his staff seem serious about getting everyone from that they want.

If you draw a radius from Lincoln that is 500 miles you would hit Chicago to Denver, you basically get all of Minnesota and the majority of North Dakota all the way to Dallas. It’s an area that Coach Mike Riley mentioned in his signing day press conference. There is a need to not only be relevant in the radius, but get the players that you need from it.

Early estimates have Nebraska taking 25 players in the 2016 class. We will begin a by position breakdown of the radius and the players that Nebraska could consider from within the radius to be part of their 2016 class.


I don’t know how much you have been paying attention to the comments from Zeb Noland or Aidan Smith, but it appears that Nebraska has given those “top 10” quarterbacks the offers that they deserve and that if Nebraska missed out on them that Coach Danny Langsdorf wanted to dive into the next batch of quarterbacks and evaluate them personally.

There is good reason to think that the Nebraska coaching staff would start with the players in the radius when it comes to making some new offers. The players in the radius appear to be a good place for the Nebraska staff to start when it comes to making a few more offers.

Skylar Thompson, QB, 6’2.5”/175, Independence (Mo.) Fort Osage Thompson is a player that to me is interesting. He has good athleticism and can make some plays with his feet. He looks to run a spread with some read-option and option sets. He gets the ball out quick. Not a lot of balls thrown downfield from the highlights. Thompson has offers from Kansas, Illinois State and North Dakota State.

Terry Wilson, QB, 6’3”/180, Oklahoma City (Okla.) Del City Want a player in the radius to keep an eye on? How about Wilson. Wilson had monstrous stats as a junior…2,856 yards throwing and 28 touchdowns…and he’s a little bit better of an athlete than Thompson would appear to be. But, you watch Wilson and he’s throw first and run second. His eyes stay downfield. He makes all the throws. I love his feet. Wilson has offers from Arkansas State, Houston, Memphis, New Mexico State and UNLV. The Huskers have expressed interest in Wilson and so has Oklahoma and Kansas State.

Tristen Wallace would be on this list had the talented quarterback from DeSoto (Texas) not have committed to Texas Tech. Wallace is an amazing athlete that figures in somewhere offensively for Tech and under Tim Beck and the previous staff was likely one of the top quarterbacks on their board.

Just outside the radius, I want people to realize that I would have liked to include Aidan Smith from Fort Wayne (Ind.) Carroll. To stay within the parameters of the story though I would say that Smith falls just outside the radius line. That being said, I think that there is a logical relationship to include Indiana basically into that radius. I think that Smith is a player that could end up getting an offer based on his film. Really liked his arm strength and his athleticism. The fact that he’s a Nebraska fan and a good looking quarterback doesn’t hurt his chances either.

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