Shon Mitchell checks out Nebraska

There has been a couple of 2016 quarterbacks that have taken recent visits to see Nebraska and meet the new coaching staff. Today one of the top 2017 quarterbacks spent the day in Lincoln to see what the Huskers have to offer.

Chesapeake (Va.) Oscar F. Smith quarterback Shon Mitchell is regarded as one of the top junior quarterbacks in the country. The 5-foot-11 and 180-pound recruit was visiting family in Omaha, Nebr. and took the short trip west to Lincoln to check out Nebraska.

"I was born in Nebraska," Mitchell said. "I lived there until I was about three years old and we moved to Virginia so my dad could start a church.

"All of my family is from Nebraska and lives in Nebraska. I get back to visit every now and then. My schedule is hectic and I don't get back to Nebraska very often."

Mitchell and his family were back now though and took the short trip down I-80 west to Lincoln from Omaha. The talented junior quarterback spent some time with the support staff first before seeing some of the football facilities.

"We went this morning and got to the school around 10:30. At first I went to meet with the Life Skills and the Academic Support directors. We then went to see the strength and conditioning facilities.

"We really got to see all of the football facilities. We saw the indoor facilities, the outdoor facilities, I got to walk out onto the field in the stadium and pretty much saw the whole campus. That was my first time seeing Nebraska."

Technically Mitchell is a junior-to-be and because of that and his location plus the fact that this is a new coaching staff in Lincoln has meant not a lot of recruiting attention from the Huskers. That should change now after making his way over to Lincoln today.

"I really haven't been recruited too much by Nebraska up to now," Mitchell said. "I am pretty young still and I live so far away. I would have to initiate the contact with them actually.

"I do get mail from Nebraska. It's not hand-written and it's mainly surveys and questionnaires. They told me today how impressed they were with my film. They want to start to build a relationship with me and really begin the recruiting process."

Mitchell had a chance to see the new Nebraska offense in person at one of the last practices of the spring. While out there on the field Mitchell bumped into a couple of the coaches who took the time to tell him about what the new offense will look like and how he could fit potentially.

"I saw Nebraska practice today and I rant into Coach Danny Langsdorf and Coach Mike Riley. I got a chance to get their thoughts on the new offense. They said that the quarterback will be under center, pro-style with some shotgun sets and some spread.

"They really aren't changing much from the offense that was run at Oregon State. I actually think that I am a better quarterback under center. We run a multiple offense and I have always prepared myself to be a pro-style quarterback."

The Huskers have a lot of things in their favor when it comes to the interest that he could have if they offer. He says that because of his family and the fact that he's seen the school would put them high on his list.

"I think because there is so much of my family in Nebraska and after seeing the campus today, the tradition and how they put the person before the athlete I feel it's a place I could call home eventually. I don't have a top list, but I feel like Nebraska could be a team in my top three."

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