Post spring Q&A: Danny Langsdorf

Big Red Report is cleaning off the voice recorder and bringing members group media quotes from the spring that might not have been used.

Quotes obtained Saturday, after the spring game.

Does A.J. Bush have the edge for that the top backup job?
“I don’t know until we watch that film. He’s had a lot of work and done a nice job, but we aren’t going to evaluate it just off today. We are going to take the whole spring and make a good decision. I like how he came back. He struggled early, but settled down and started playing.”

Zack’s injury history is well known; did you have any conversations about that prior to spring?
“A little bit, but he’s confident, cleared and he feels good. There is no question that we would not put him out there if it was a danger to him. He’s comfortable and ready to get hit. I don’t think he showed any nervousness about that at all.”

Does Darlington strike you as a coach’s kid?
“Yes he does, because the way he’s picked things up. I think he asks great questions. He’s got a pretty good feel for some of the stuff that we were doing that was new…he’s just a little bit of an edge being around it a lot. He’s very comfortable with what we are doing.”

Do you have the quarterbacks on the roster to implement the full playbook? Or will you need a year or two where you are going to streamline tailoring what you do to the quarterbacks?
“I think it’s a work in progress - adapting to what we have. I think we are a little bit at the position than we have in our history with the amount of runners we have…I think they are doing a good job picking things up. We have a lot of stuff in, but we don’t want to do too many things. We want to narrow down and focus on what we are going to be good at.”

Is there a positive on your end that you now are able to put more into the playbook, blending what you guys do and what you have?
“It’s a little bit of a different element in the run game. It’s another player they have to account for – which is a good thing. I think that with our sweep game, with some of the misdirection we have, that position being able to run the ball is good.”

Could Darlington withstand the week-after-week punishment?

“I would like to see, as we move those guys around, to not take a lot of hits. I’m all for sliding and stepping out of bounds – keeping them healthy. We might run them, but we aren’t going to use them as running backs.”

Could you possibly go in the shotgun a lot more next year than you have in the past?
“We have been pretty heavy in the gun in our history. Probably a little more shotgun right now – yes. I think they are pretty comfortable in the gun. If anything, they are having to adjust to being under center a little more than they have in the past.”

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