Huskers check out Cali QB, Patrick O'Brien

Nebraska fans knew that some new quarterback names were sure to pop up early in the evaluation period. They didn't have to wait long as Nebraska's quarterback coach/offensive coordinator was in California checking out this quarterback on Thursday.

San Juan Capistrano (Calif.) San Juan Hills quarterback Patrick O'Brien isn't holding any offers yet, but that should change soon. It's just the beginning of the evaluation period and a Big Ten team was in to see O'Brien yesterday.

"So far the evaluation period has been good," O'Brien said. "Nebraska was here yesterday. We have been doing some little practices with the team and Coach Danny Langsdorf was here for that. Earlier this year Duke and Northwestern were here to see me."

The 6-foot-4 and 225-pound O'Brien has some big upside. He works under center and out of the pistol. He can stretch plays with his feet -- 4.8/40-yard time -- and shows a strong arm with a quick release. It's no wonder that Nebraska liked what they saw on film enough to get there the first day of the evaluation period.

"My coach let me know that Nebraska has been talking to him about me. They have been messaging me on Twitter and they said that Coach Langsdorf would be to see me on Thursday. I checked with them earlier this week to confirm that."

The Nebraska offense doesn't have a lot of film necessarily that they can show recruits about what to expect of their offense with an "N" on the helmet. However, they have been showing recruits past Oregon State cut-ups and O'Brien is familiar with Mike Riley and the offense he ran in the PAC 12.

"I feel like I fit the pro-style well," O'Brien said. "The offense is quarterback friendly. And Nebraska has great tradition and fans."

While O'Brien has a lot going for him like a big arm, big frame and good feet. Still, no offers but there is a lot of interest from a number of teams.

"I am hearing the most from USC, Arizona State, Nevada, San Diego State, Rutgers, Dartmouth and Harvard," O'Brien said. "I also took a visit to San Jose State recently. But, I did really well at the Nike combine and I think that things are going to pick up soon."

The offense that they run at San Juan Hills gives defenses a fit and gives college coaches a good look at a variety of skills. O'Brien says that he'd rather stay in the pocket, but he can definitely run too.

"I am under center about 20% of the time and we operate mainly out of the pistol. I have a quarterback coach though and we only work out under center to keep my footwork sharp.

"I definitely like staying in the pocket, making reads and picking apart defenses. After that, I don't mind leaving the pocket, but I keep my eyes down field and I can run the ball."

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