Nailing down the radius – RB

As we head into the spring game we will take a look at the players that Nebraska has offered and is considering in the 500-mile radius of Lincoln. The radius is something that Mike Riley and his staff seem serious about getting everyone from that they want.

If you draw a radius from Lincoln that is 500 miles you would hit Chicago to Denver, you basically get all of Minnesota and the majority of North Dakota all the way to Dallas. It’s an area that Coach Mike Riley mentioned in his signing day press conference. There is a need to not only be relevant in the radius, but get the players that you need from it.

Early estimates have Nebraska taking 25 players in the 2016 class. We will begin a by position breakdown of the radius and the players that Nebraska could consider from within the radius to be part of their 2016 class.


Aubrey White, RB, 5’11”/190, Wylie (Texas) East - Wylie is on the east side of Dallas and as the crow flies might push the 500-mile radius limit of this article (but I am including White anyway). White stars for East both as a running back and as a wide receiver. He more than likely projects to play more as a running back at the next level, but is also a guy that you can line up out wide, get involved in the screen game and allow him to make plays. White has good speed and has an ability to be able to turn up-field, particularly from the stretch play, and get to that gear quickly. White actually committed to Kansas early, but a lot of offers have come in and he’s backed off of his commitment. I am not sure how much of a player that the Huskers are for White with teams more in the geographic area have his eye.

Jeremy Lewis, RB, 6’1”/192, Lone Grove (Okla.) - Lewis is VERY interesting to me. I like his ability. He has this frame that he’s continued to add weight to. He has good speed for a longer running back and still has this ability to keep his pad level low and can run you over. Lewis can catch the ball out of the backfield or line up on the line of scrimmage as a receiver and get open. If there is a knock on Lewis it’s the competition level that he plays at in Oklahoma. 3A isn’t the biggest classification and sometimes without better players on the field against guys you want to evaluate it’s tough to do properly. Lewis has tools though. That would standout no matter which classification or in which state. Lewis wants to visit Nebraska soon.

Nebraska has taken guys from in the radius…or right at the edge of the radius…the past two years with Devine Ozigbo last year and Mikale Wilbon the year before. Before them though you have to go back to 2009 to find the last and that was Dontrayevous Robinson.

Just outside the radius is Austin (Texas) Reagan is running Mulbah Carr. I am mentioning him in this story mainly because CENTEX is an area that Nebraska has had success going into and getting players. Also, it’s an area that not a lot of teams want to hit. We are talking south of Dallas to Houston and over to San Antonio back north again to Dallas. Nebraska has gotten skill players like Aaron Green and Curenski Gilleylen and defensive back Trai Mosley in recently years.

The Huskers have only offered 10 running backs or so this year so this year. Four of which are Top 300 players. The others, mainly three-star players, but White, Lewis and even Carr are “different” in a way. They are unrated and to me show some need to really evaluate and be a guy that they had to go and find. I expect Nebraska will take one running back this year unless there are any defections.

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