Nebraska pays a visit to Terry Wilson

The Nebraska staff was hitting the recruiting trail hard last week. There should be some new offers out to quarterbacks soon based on the words of one Nebraska assistant coach to a potential quarterback recruit.

Oklahoma City (Okla.) Del City quarterback Terry Wilson had the Nebraska coach out to see him last week and Colorado is set to see him this week. The 6-foot-2 and 180-pound quarterback has already been to see Lincoln last summer.

"Nebraska came this past week," Wilson said. "They reached out to me about two weeks ago and then were here on Thursday. I was up in Lincoln last year for the quarterback camp under Tim Beck. I like Nebraska. Everything there was nice."

The offense under Beck will be very different than what the Huskers will run under Mike Riley and Langsdorf going forward. Wilson was give the specifics about what they will be doing at the quarterback position and he says he thinks that he can do it.

"I feel like I can do it. Coach Langsdorf told me that they will be getting under center and there would be some deep throws. We don't get under center a lot. We are primarily out of the pistol and do a lot of zone read.

"He likes my mobility. He actually said that they will run some zone read in the offense at Nebraska. He told me that having a quarterback that can run is a lot like having a 12th player on the field. The quarterback will run the football at Nebraska just not as much as they have before in the past."

Wilson is open to getting back to Lincoln to meet the rest of the new staff. After he threw for Coach Langsdorf there was a conversation about when Nebraska might be ready to extend some new offers at the quarterback position.

"If coach wants me to come up for a visit then I will get up there," Wilson said. "After I threw he said that he was going to make some decisions about new offers soon."

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