J.D. Spielman getting new interest

There are a number of new schools reaching out to J.D. Spielman asking him to visit or planning to come and see him during the evaluation period. Who are the new schools interested in this speedy wide receiver?

Eden Prairie (Minn.) wide receiver J.D. Spielman is already sitting on a handful of offers – not to mention is a commitment to play lacrosse at Ohio State – and more schools are reaching out to him. The 5-foot-9 and 175-pound Spielman talked about a junior day invite and a school interested in coming to see him play lacrosse this spring.

Wisconsin just asked me to come to their junior day,” Spielman said. “I think that it’s two weekends, either this weekend or next weekend, and I am not sure which one I will go to. The Baylor coach contacted me over Twitter and asked me for my lacrosse schedule.”

Nebraska was the last team to offer Spielman. He said that there wasn’t any update with the Nebraska coaching staff may be coming to see him this spring. However, he did say that he has been keeping up contact with the Huskers and would like to get back to Lincoln this summer.

”I have spoken with Nebraska, but nothing about when they are coming to see me. I’ve been keeping in touch with them. I would like to visit there again, but if I did get a chance to it would be this summer. I have been talking with Coach Mike Riley the most. I am staying in touch with Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota the most recently.”

As previously stated, Spielman is a two-sport athlete. He is a DI commit to play lacrosse and his lacrosse season has just started. It could be a long season too based on the type of success that Eden Prairie could have getting into the post-season and into the finals.

”We had our first lacrosse game last Tuesday. I did well and my team won. I think that we have 12 regular season games and you could play 18 total games if you go to the championship.”

With lacrosse in full-swing it makes it difficult for Spielman to make plans to take trips this spring. He said that he would like to take a few before school is out. He isn’t sure when those trips could be or where he will take them to.

”I will try and make two or three trips before school is out,” Spielman said. “I am not sure to where and when. That’s the plan that I would like to make.”

Spielman hasn’t had a lot of conversation with Ohio State about playing two sports mainly because the football recruiting hasn’t caught up with the lacrosse recruiting. That might be turning. Spielman spoke with OSU about where they are in recruiting and he is receiving more mail from the Buckeyes recently.

”When I have spoken with Ohio State they said that they haven’t gotten to recruit my position yet,” Spielman said. “I have been receiving a lot of mail for them recently.”

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