Roundtable: Highest draft potential in 2015 class?

In honor of the NFL Draft, we asked the Big Red Report team who they thought might be the highest draft pick of the 2015 recruiting class.


Josh Harvey, Publisher: "I’m going to go with defensive tackle Carlos Davis. There seems to be a premium on speed rush guys at the defensive tackle in the NFL and that’s what the high school senior brings to Nebraska. It's going to take a while for him to showcase his talents behind Vincent Valentine and Maliek Collins, but he will get his shot."

Bryan Munson, Staff: "I might surprise some people with my pick, but I am going to go with defensive end Alex Davis. I think that there is definitely some potential to get into the first rounds with that quick-twitch athleticism coupled with the size and athleticism. I think that he will translate potentially to the 4-3 DE or even a 3-4 OLB. I really like the upside, but I don't think that anyone will see this for two to three years minimum. So be patient on this one and with me on this pick."

Matt Svoboda, Contributor: Cornerback Eric Lee. He can develop into a shutdown corner, and they are more valued than outside linebackers, so he gets the edge over Dedrick Young.

Derek Young, "This could be where offensive guard Jalin Barnett of Oklahoma falls into. He won't be forced into immediate action, and will be able to jump into the strength and conditioning program to mold his body and get himself into optimal shape. He's a nasty interior blocker, powerful, and finishes blocks with a ton of intensity. His game translates to the NFL if he buys in, can get his body right, and has himself in optimal playing shape."

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