Riley getting to know his players

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley recently interviewed every player on his football team.

Walking into a new situation, new Nebraska head coach Mike Riley made steps to get to know his team better the last month.

Speaking to the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, Riley said he interviewed all 120 guys on the football team recently.

“That is a new one for me,” said Riley. Audio of Riley’s speech was taken by KLIN radio. “1-by-1 we scheduled them in 15-minute slots. It takes a whole week to get 120-guys through there. Because I didn’t get to recruit them, we are new to them and they are new to us.”

Riley wanted a brief history of each recruit, his family situation, and most importantly…

“I asked them how they got here and why they came,” said Riley. “One of the big factors for all of them was when they got to visit here.

“No matter where the guys are from, they note what I mentioned at the start. Everybody is friendly here. It’s that kind of place. There’s an atmosphere that is unique to them no matter if they were from Louisiana, Texas, California or Georgia.”

Riley also had academic progress reports on each recruit, thoughts from their position coach, and also reports from the Nebraska strength staff.

“I had a good idea of how they were doing,” Riley said. “I asked them how they were doing to see if it meshed. You know how that goes.”

The head coach says one of the biggest things he took away from the interviews was the important to get recruits here early in the process.

“There is no place like this,” said Riley. “For the pride the people have in their state, university, and teams. We want to represent all of that at the highest level.”

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