Coach: Terry Wilson and Nebraska a great fit

Del City high school head coach Nick Warehime says Nebraska and Terry Wilson is a perfect fit.

Nebraska quarterback commit Terry Wilson doesn’t like the label dual-threat. The Del City high school (OK) prep feels it’s has a negative connotation towards his ability as a passer.

“This last year, we did not run him,” said Del City head coach Nick Warehime. “He can extend the play because athletically he can run, he can jump, but it doesn’t take long watching him throw in person to see that he’s a quarterback. He can use his legs, but he doesn’t have to use his legs.”

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Warehime has been coaching high school football in Oklahoma for 30+ years. He says Wilson heading to Nebraska was a “no brainer.”

”It’s a great fit,” said Warehime. “They didn’t sign a ’15 quarterback. There is a void.

“We had a discussion during the process. Coach Riley has four quarterbacks on NFL rosters. I don’t know who in D-1 football can say that? Coach Riley is a quarterback guy and an offensive guy. So is Danny (Langsdorf). I told him, ‘if they are saying that you can be a guy for them, that’s pretty impressive.’”

Wilson was given the keys to the Eagles offense as a 10th grader, but Warhime says the staff did everything they could to protect the quarterback and bring him along slowly.

“We cut the field basically in half for him. We didn’t put everything on him,” said Warhime. “As a junior, after going through the summer camp, every play we ran, he was in control of the play. If he wanted out of the play or to add to the play, it’s was on his back. We could have not done it that way when he was a 10th grader.

“I think the thing that sometimes gets lost is he’s gotten better keeping his eyes down field from his sophomore year.”

Warhime says the Huskers are getting a true student of the game.

“He’s like a sponge, he wants to learn and be a great college quarterback, said Warhime. “One of the things he does a great job with is film study. He’s already texted me one time this week about a play, where he’s pushing the safety out with his eyes. We discussed it on text. That’s just the guy he is. He’s never going to be the guy that says he’s arrived.

Wilson already has a strong understanding of what Nebraska could offer him before Riley and staff showed they were interested.

Going into his junior year, Wilson camped with the Huskers under offensive coordinator Tim Beck.

“His impression from the University of Nebraska while he was there was off the charts. He came back and said, ‘I love it. Everything,’” said Warhime. “When Barney Cotton (previous Nebraska offensive line coach) went to UNLV, he called and said, ‘we should have, but we are offering him right now.’”

The head coach reports Wilson is looking to improve on all aspects of his game this offseason and is organizing Saturday workouts between quarterbacks/receivers in the Oklahoma City area.

Big Red Report will have more with Warehime on Thursday morning.

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