Huskers showing they are a player in OK

Oklahoma high school coach Nick Warehime thinks Nebraska could be a real player in the state going forward.

When Nebraska snagged offensive lineman Jalin Barnett out of Lawton high school in February, he was the first Oklahoma player to head to Lincoln since Chad Roark in 2006.

Don’t expect the same type of drought under new Nebraska head coach Mike Riley.

Whether it was the previous staff’s choice to not recruit Oklahoma or a recruiting win just never happened, Riley and crew have history in the state dating back to their time at Oregon State.

At least one high school head coach thinks Nebraska will be a real player in the Sooner State going forward.

“When they came to Oklahoma and took the best offensive line in the state from Lawton high, they made a statement,” said Del City high school head coach Nick Warehime. “When you come back into the state of Oklahoma about five weeks after National Signing Day and take the top quarterback, it shows they are serious.”

Of course the top quarterback Warehime speaks of is Terry Wilson, a Del City product himself.

“I think they can be a huge factor. They are Nebraska after all” said Warehime. “I think in today’s age, every single week you are on television. You have a chance.

“There are players every year, I have coached high school 34 years, not everyone stays. There guys who have left our state that have been really productive.”

Warehime points to players like Kansas State’s Tyler Lockett, a Tulsa native. The Wildcast senior caught 106 balls for 1,515 yards and 11 touchdowns in 2014.

“If you look at Coach Riley and Coach Langsdorf did at Oregon State with limited resources, what they can do at Nebraska with the resources is unlimited,” said Warehime. “There are going to be schools they can get into now because of who they are that they couldn’t get into before.”’s Bob Pryzbylo, who covers the Sooners, understands the OKPrep ranks as well as anyone. He says there is talent to be had.

“It’s not top-heavey, maybe only two to three kids in the four-star range,” said Przybylo. “But, it’s deep – crazy deep. I believe there's around at least 20-30 kids that are three-star worthy and that's pretty big in this state. Wilson and (Jeremy) Lewis (Husker funning back offer pictured above) are clearly in that mix.”

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