Jack Stoll has three standing out

Colorado prep Jack Stoll says three schools are standing out and he will visit all three again before a summer decision.

With a decision coming in likely a few months, Regis high school (CO) 2016 tight end Jack Stoll is coming to the home stretch in his recruitment.

Open to new schools jumping into the mix, Stoll is really looking at three programs at the moment and plans to visit all three again before making a decision.

“I would say that right now I’m starting to crack down and get a little more serious. I’m really focused on the schools that would fit me best,” said Stoll, who is focused on Nebraska, Texas and Colorado. “I was at all three schools during the spring game, so obviously they had a lot going on. Going in the second time, during a little calmer time, will likely give me a better feel for the school.

Stoll shared some thoughts on each program with Scout.com.

Colorado – “Geography doesn’t play a huge role in my decision, but I have had three teammates go to CU in the last few years. Regis has had a lot of kids go there and it would be nice to play with those guys. Obviously they are a rising program in the Pac 12.”

Texas – “It’s a phenomenal program with a great tradition and great fan support. They really have a winning mentality down there. They really care about football.”

Nebraska - “It’s a lot of the same characteristic as Texas. Phenomenal football tradition. They obviously are a winning school and don’t tolerate losing. I just feel they are heading in the right direction and we will see them in a Big Ten Championship in the next year or two. I feel Nebraska is really a competitive school and it excites me.”

While geography might not be a factor, it’s somewhat interesting all three of his finalists are from different conferences.

“I would say that conferences aren’t that big of a deal to me,” said Stoll. “The Pac 12 I realize overall don’t use tight ends like other conferences, but I think Colorado is an exception. They use their tight ends a little bit. I think any conference I look at I could find a way to fit in. They are all power five schools, so it’s not a competitive thing.”

While all three programs have staffs who haven’t been on the job long, Nebraska’s is the newest of the bunch. Mike Riley and crew haven’t had even one season under their belt to show recruits. It doesn’t bother Stoll.

“I was there for the spring game, so I got a taste,” said Stoll. “I think Coach Riley is definitely putting the team in the right direction. If you look at Oregon State, they are always going to be the second team in the state. Coach Riley was able to make something out of not very much. He comes to Nebraska now and has all those resources. I think if you can have success at a school with little resources, then a place like Nebraska is a great fit because they will give you everything.

“Coach Riley will find a way to pull out wins in every situation. I’m really looking forward to seeing that road play out for them and all that Coach Riley does.”

Stoll says he’s looking to make a decision this summer, and hopes that it comes “a little earlier than later.”

“I really want to be able to just focus on playing football and to be able to recruit for my team,” said Stoll.

The 6-foot-5, 225-pound tight end also has offers from UNLV, Colorado State, Air Force, Nevada and Wyoming. He is the nation’s No. 39 tight end according to Scout.com and a three-star prospect.

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