The debate on Nebraska taking two QBs

Nebraska is taking two quarterbacks in the 2016 class and their games look a little different.

The number one question I have fielded during radio interviews the last month is, “will Nebraska take two quarterbacks?” And if so, “what are your thoughts on taking guys who look a little different from each other?”

I have said it before and I will say it again… I wouldn’t be a fan of taking two if they were similar. But, Terry Wilson and newly committed Patrick O’Brien compliment each other.

Wilson, who hates the label dual-threat, looks similar to what Nebraska currently has on the roster.

O’Brien is the pro-style passer, although underrated as a runner, who Mike Riley and staff have recruited before.

O’Brien is the type of quarterback Nebraska fans expected to see when Riley and Langsdorf took control of the offense.

Somewhere along the way the two formed a different plan – an unexpected road.

Maybe it happened during their initial review of the Big Ten? It’s hard to be a strong passing offense in November.

Maybe when they were watching Tommy Armstrong’s film prior to spring football? He did run all over Miami last season.

Maybe during those 15 practices in March and April?

Maybe at some other random point during their career?

Whenever it happened - it doesn’t matter. Riley and Langsdorf decided to embrace the idea of having a quarterback who could move out of the pocket. Someone who had to be accounted for by defensive coordinators at all times. Someone who gives the offense another dimension.

That’s Terry Wilson.

But….what happens if that plan doesn’t go exactly the way thought out in the film room?

O’Brien is the perfect fail safe.

Now I don’t say that to diminish the California prep. There is a strong chance he comes into Lincoln, sets the offense on fire, and is a starter early in his career. But ultimately the 6-foot-4, 230-pound prospect gives the staff insurance. They know what his tools can accomplish in the offense with a little fine-tuning.

It’s now up to Wilson and O’Brien to show the coaching staff what will work best.

Seven quarterbacks in 2016?

Taking two quarterbacks in a full recruiting class doesn’t put much stress on the scholarship chart.

Doing it with five scholarship quarterbacks who are not seniors on the roster somewhat does.

That has been the biggest question from me during the last month. Will we see attrition at the position eventually? With two now in the fold, expect it.

Armstrong and Ryker Fyfe will be seniors when the 2016 pair hit campus. Johnny Stanton a junior. A.J. Bush and Zack Darlington sophomores.

If no one is willing to leave on their own after 2015, I have to believe someone is going to get a strongly worded message from the staff that it’s time to find a new home. Or at least a new position.

Breakdown of O’Brien

A little word association on this Friday.

Pro-style quarterback.

For many the term gives the idea of someone who is stiff in the pocket and likely runs a 5.1 forty.

It’s not the case with Wilson. It actually only takes three plays on his highlight film to see he’s more than a capable runner. While he’s never going to be the guy who takes one down the sidelines for 70-yards, he is “functional” to steal the term from The Bottom Line’s Mike’l Severe. A quarterback draw on third and five isn’t out of the question.

The second thing I noticed when breaking down O’Brien was his arm strength. It allows him to make progressions that are rare when looking at high school highlights. It also helps that he’s got a pretty fast release. Take a look at the highlights and see how often he makes his progression through his receivers. Often times No. 3 is being hit.

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