Marchiol gives Nebraska a solid review

Nebraska is one of many schools chasing after Colorado prep Santino Marchiol, a 2017 prospect at Cheery Creek high school. The linebacker was in Lincoln on Tuesday.

A few short months ago, Cherry Creek high school (CO) prospect Santino Marchiol said he didn’t have any offers. He was nervous. Now the 2017 linebacker is one of the hottest players in the country, with an offer list consisting of 15+ schools – including Nebraska.

“It motivates me to work even harder,” said Marchiol. “I want to prove all these coaches right.”

The 6-foot-2, 225-pound prospect was on Nebraska’s campus Tuesday, working out during the Huskers’ skills’ camp. He was accompanied by his father and younger brother, who also participated in the camp.

“I feel like I did really pretty good. I loved working with Coach Bray,” said Marchiol. “He was awesome. He showed me around the facilities the entire day and I thought Nebraska was amazing. I was happy to be there and the coaches made me feel really welcome.

“Coach Bray has been awesome. I talk to him all the time. He’s a great coach and seems like a great person. It was great being coached by him during the camp. He’s got some major knowledge.”

But it hasn’t just been Coach Bray encouraging Marchiol Nebraska is the place for him.

“Avery (Anderson) is my boy. I love Avery,” said Marchiol regarding the freshman defensive back from Colorado.

“Him and Eric Lee have been both saying ‘you have to come to Nebraska, it’s amazing out here. It’s a great opportunity to shine.’ I like that a lot.”

With no leaders at the moment, Marchiol has offers from schools such as Miami, Florida, Penn State, Wisconsin, Ohio State, NC State, Colorado and more.

“We visited 21 schools in 10 days last week,” said Marchiol. “It was called the 2017 dream team bus tour. It was the six of the top kids in my class across the country, all with multiple D-1 offers. We visited the entire SEC, five or six schools in the ACC and some in the Big 12 - it was awesome.

“As of right now, they are all the same. I feel blessed to have all these offers and feel blessed to have all these opportunities to go to different places. As of now I’m enjoying the process and not really narrowing it down.”

While the linebacker is nearly a year and a half away from having to make a decision, Marchiol isn’t for sure how he would break the bad news to his pair of Colorado natives at Nebraska if he isn’t wearing a Husker uniform in 2017.

“I don’t know what I’m going to say, they have been encouraging me hard,” said a laughing Marchiol. “Nebraska is a great place. I was really excited to get out there. It was a great experience. It’s fun to enjoy the process.”

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