Tim Miles talks rough season

Nebraska head coach Tim Miles talked about the Huskers struggles last season on AM 590.

No Terran Petteway.

No Walter Pitchford.

No David Rivers.

No Leslee or Moses Abraham.

No Tarin Smith.

The Nebraska basketball roster will look quite different this winter when the Huskers hit the floor.

“Our first team meeting (this summer) took an extra half hour just with introductions,” said Miles on AM 590 ESPN radio during an interview on Wednesday. “Everyone is going to have to wear name tags. I think you will see better ball movement. I think we will have to get our defense up in order…We will be a much more mobile team and more of a motion team is my hope. I think we will be quite different.”

Husker fans hope so.

After a 19-win season in 2013-14 and a trip to the NCAA tournament, Nebraska finished 13-18 last year, losing their last nine contests.

“It’s a good problem to have, to have fans that want to set the bar higher and higher and higher,” said Miles on AM 590. “Last year we just didn’t get it done. I believe I know what I did wrong. I believe I just didn’t do a good enough job getting our team on the same page and connected. I was probably more in maintenance mode thinking, we have been through this all in two years to get them to a point where we took off and got it right. I thought, ‘we got them right.’ Every year there are new challenges and different set of expectations.

“I just didn’t do a good enough job in my mind that we were at the same vision and the same voice.”

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