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Scout now: Nebraska back to Big 12?

Would Nebraska ever consider a move back to the Big 12 Conference? Not happening says Big Red Report's Josh Harvey.

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder had an idea for the Big 12 Conference regarding possible expansion down the road. 

"Let's bring Nebraska back and a few others; one other maybe. I don't know that," Snyder told FOX Sports Southwest. "I know the programs I've seen mentioned; all good programs, all good universities."

So would Nebraska ever consider a move back? It seems very unlikely, considering the stability of the Big Ten Conference. 

Big Red Report's Josh Harvey hits the subject in this Scout Now video check-in. 

Sorry Bill Snyder. While the Huskers transition to the Big Ten Conference hasn't gone like they would hoped for football, there are other important factors here. Nebraska isn't looking to rekindle a relationship with their ex. 

Money and even more important stability are important things in the current college football landscape. 

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