Video: Nebraska frosh Jordan Stevenson

A truly excited Jordan Stevenson took the practice field on Thursday night. Check out the video.

After officially becoming a member of the Nebraska roster last Sunday, freshman running back Jordan Stevenson took the field Thursday night with his teammates as a member of the Huskers roster.

Stevenson was beyond excited to be back on the field, and during warm-ups had many eyes on him (see above video).

“Jordan really could have used a month of training before this all started,” Nebraska head coach Mike Riley said. “In his own admission, he’s just been at home waiting to see what was going to happen. He hasn’t been working out with any trainers like they have in college, if he’d already been on a campus,” Riley said. “So he probably could use some time in the conditioning mode.”

“But, even with that, you saw his burst, you saw some pretty exciting things,” Riley said. “He’s going to have to kind of hurry up and catch up, but that’s hard to do on a college level for a freshman.”

Stevenson’s extra weight and overall conditioning level could keep him from making an impact early on, but the next month will be crucial in his development.

Stevenson recorded 2,530 yards and 28 touchdowns in 2014. He finished his career with nearly 5,000 yards and 53 total scores, racking up offers from schools such as Alabama, Arkansas, Ohio State, UCLA and Oklahoma State.

"Stevenson is a solid all-purpose back. He likes to hit the defense off tackle and then pop the runs to the outside to chew up chunks of yardage," said national recruiting 

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