Brian Stewart buying in for his DC

Nebraska secondary coach Brian Stewart knows what a defensive coordinator wants - someone willing to buy in. He's going to do that for coordinator Mark Banker in 2015.

LINCOLN, Neb. – It’s never easy to take a step back, but Nebraska defensive backs coach Brian Stewart thinks his work as a defensive coordinator in previous stints will help him be a better assistant coach in 2015.

“I think the main thing from being a coordinator that I bring is I understand the coordinator. I understand that when he calls something, he wants it to look a certain way,” said Stewart. “Regardless of the position coach’s thoughts. When he calls something, this is what he wants it to look like.

“I think often times, as a coordinator you don’t feel all the position coaches have bought in and are making it look the way you want it to look. I understand that. I want it to look the way Mark calls it.”

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Maryland's defensive coordinator in 2014, Stewart's defensive background is in a 3-4 formation. While Nebraska will likely run some 3-man fronts from time-to-time, predominantly they will be a 4-3 team.

Big Red Report asked for the former coordinator in the spring what will be the biggest adjustment for him coaching the backend in Mark Banker's defense?

"On the strong side not as much," said Stewart when talking about the difference. "Because on the strong side those safeties overhang, so that's consistent. On the weak side, sometimes in our Cover 3 and coverages, that corner is always playing man, because the guy that is the flat player is on the line of scrimmage, looking like he's coming. So that's the big difference for me."

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