LB Michael Rose credits Nebraska walk-ons

Nebraska linebacker Michael Rose credits the Husker walk-ons to the team's chemistry and culture.

LINCOLN, Neb. – It’s early August, so the topic of team unity and chemistry is a storyline in Lincoln. Fans can set their calendars. It’s a repeating story this time of year.

But, on Saturday night Nebraska junior linebacker Michael Rose had a refreshing perspective on the topic of team cohesiveness when it comes to Nebraska.

Rose stated the team doesn’t really have cliques and never has in the four years he’s been with the program. He credits the Nebraska culture to many of the walk-ons of the program.

“They help us simulate into Nebraska’s culture,” said Rose. “A lot of those guys have pride about this program and their pride rubs off on us…I think they do a great job showing us the culture and showing how it’s done. They have watched Nebraska since they were little.”

The former Kansas City prep admits he’s not been in any other locker room in the country, but feels the team gels well.

“We got guys from everywhere, we even have David (Knevel) from Canada,” said a joking Rose. “It’s pretty amazing that we can all get along.”

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