Nebraska Sunday night practice donuts

The Nebraska football team practiced for just over two hours on Sunday night. Get caught up on your practice donuts here.

LINCOLN, Neb. – The Nebraska football team practiced for a little over two hours on Sunday night - wearing shoulder pads and helmets for the session. The team will not practice on Monday and resume in full gear on Tuesday night. 

Nebraska offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf met with the media following practice, as Coach Langsdorf said there has been a lot of ups and downs so far during fall camp—something that is not a surprise to him.

“Up and down, it is kind of the dog days of training camp but there has been some good moments and periods at times, then not so good—some rough spots,” Langsdorf said. “A little bit of inconsistency but we are getting there.”

Langsdorf added that the offense is still working on being more consistent despite still being in installation mode so early in camp.

“We are pretty inconsistent, we are still in installation mode, so we are kind of packaging things—so not everything is going to look great against certain defenses.”

While temps weren’t the highest they have been, humidity was in the air on Sunday. Throw in the fact the team gets a break on Sunday and sloppiness did set in. 

"It was hot, but we'll have to play in Miami," Langsdorf said.

* There was definitely some rotation up front on the front five, but here is how Nebraska started on the offensive line wise Sunday night. 

As far as the second team offensive line, there was some rotation but...

* Defensive tackle Vincent Valentine was limited again in practice. His knee was wrapped and he was definitely limping. 

* There was a lot of rotation at the wide receiver spot on Sunday night. “It was based on the amount of numbers and I want to see them all perform,” said receivers coach Keith Williams. “I try to get a good mix, so I can get a good evaluation on tape and get guys some experience.” 

* Quote of the night: “Way to go Zo (Alonzo Moore), make him fix his jersey. Make him fix his jersey.” – Williams, WR coach on an Alonzo Moore block that sprung Tommy Armstrong. 

* Nebraska really worked on the screen game Sunday and junior running Terrell Newby and Mikale Wilbon were head and shoulders better than the rest of the group at running back in the category. When asked about the running back position after practice, Langsdorf mentioned Newby, Wilbon and Jordan Stevenson by name first. 

* Another area of the game they worked was the jet sweep, where obviously De'Mornay Pierson-El shined, but also taking part of the action was Jamal Turner and true freshman Lavan Alston

* The quarterbacks struggled on Sunday – all of them. This included starter @Tommy Armstrong, who didn’t look at as sharp as he did on Thursday night – the only other session the media was allowed to watch. 

* Langsdorf did mention how he feels Armstrong has done well with his preparation off the field. “He spent a lot of time studying, we have traded a lot of messages—and I think he has done a good job adjusting. I like how he is progressing.”

* Offensive tackle David Knevel looked a little toned down tonight. While his official weight didn’t change on the roster, I didn’t see a guy that is 310-pounds. Obviously his height at 6-foot-9 might have something to do with that.

* To know surprise to this reporter, offensive tackle Nick Gates is pushing for a starting spot with Zach Sterup . Gates had another solid practice today, after looking great in the spring. "He loves football and he competes like crazy," Mike Cavanaugh said. “He’s done a good job. He’s gotten stronger.”  

* It really feels like secondary coach Brian Stewart is doing everything in his power to get true freshman Aaron Williams for game action this year. You can tell he seems to coach him a little bit different. 

* Sophomore corner Chris Jones had a nice interception against Ryker Fyfe down the sideline tonight. It was underthrown. 

* Sophomore corner Josh Kalu jumped an Armstrong throw on a comeback route to Brandon Reilly and had a great deflection early in practice. It really set the tone for the day when it came to the quarterbacks. 

* Tight end Trey Foster had a tremendous catch on the sidelines….not sure who threw it, but Foster had to lay out for it. 

* Speaking of great catches, Terrell Newby had a one handed grab on a screen route tonight, basically catching the ball one handed and palming it on a throw that was behind him. Now for getting back to the lien of scrimmage, I don’t think that happened. 

* Walk-on Dylan Utter did a really nice job in 2-on-2s tonight against the defensive lineman. One time he was able to stand up junior Malik Collins, afterwards telling him, “go back to your side.” 

* I thought true freshman Stanley Morgan really jumped out in practice on Monday, showing an ability to catch the ball in traffic. Did see him get jammed up at the line a bit. According to Keith Williams, he’s done a great job so far and he believes his development is a head of schedule. 

* True freshman Lavan Alston dropped a ball behind the line of scrimmage on a screen route and it was picked up by linebacker Luke Gifford. I don’t know if Alston realized it was a fumble or stopped to get direction from Keith Williams, who it happened right in front of. 

* Redshirt freshman running back Mikale Wilbon looked great in the screen game, including possibly the play of the night where he got into the open field and left defensive back chasing him in the dust. 

* Linebacker Michael Rose intercepted Tommy Armstrong on what looked to be a screen pass. It was a gift and right to Rose, who took off running for the end zone, before taking a shot from Armstrong, who definitely looked frustrated. 

* True freshman running back Jordan Stevenson didn’t seem to get a break tonight, as the staff tries get him in game shape by BYU. Stevenson was thrown on almost every special team drill and got reps with the second team offense at times. He did fail to catch two balls out of the backfield. 

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