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Here is what you get with a BRR membership

Many users are surprised with what they get in a Big Red Report membership. Here's the down-low...


A few days ago, we asked you to consider becoming a Big Red Report member. Thank you to everyone who responded! Still, a number of you wanted to know more about the specific benefits you get from being a member.

Well, here you go… with a Premium Membership, you have exclusive access to the following benefits:

* Incredible video! We’re taking it to the next level in 2015! Scout will be giving you awesome analysis and breaking news video throughout the season - both from the recruiting world and Husker team practices/games. Here are examples of videos you will get from Big Red Report.

  1. Three LBs trying to earn Blackshirts
  2. Jordan Stevenson is at camp
  3. Josh Kalu is working with the first-team defense

* Exclusive forum access! You get access to The Red Zone, a private, members-only forum. Ask Big Red Report publisher Josh Harvey or the national recruiting team a question and actually get a response back. 

* The best fantasy advice and games! Looking for an edge in your league? With a premium membership, you get access to breaking fantasy news and insights from the world’s best fantasy players like Dr. Roto, Tommy G, and Ian Ritchie.

* Incredible ticket discounts! The regular season is drawing near, and with a membership, you automatically get 10% off all tickets purchased through TicketMonster.

Great content from ALL Scout sites! A Premium Membership includes access to premium articles across the entire Scout network. Check up on all the teams in the Big Ten.

For those reasons and more, we hope that you decide to support our site and become one of our newest Big Red Report premium members!


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