Tim Miles ready to go small in 15-16

Nebraska basketball coach Tim Miles is ready to go small in 2015-16.

When Nebraska takes on Eurocolegio Casvi in Spain on Sunday, they won't likely have a height advantage during moments in the game. 

Contrary to some opinions, Nebraska head coach Tim Miles doesn't discriminate against big man - the Huskers have just failed to recruit the position to the same level as guards over the last two recruiting cycles. 

"I'm ready to play small," said Miles. "We have to be creative in the post when it comes to defending, so we don't get in foul trouble.

"I think we’ll be OK rebounding. I’m not as worried about rebounding as I am just fouling in the post. Defensively, I’m worried about rim protecting. Can we be long enough at the rim?”

The Huskers size could cause Miles and his coaching staff to play more zone defense this season - something Miles teams haven't showed a lot in the past. 

"I wouldn't discount anything," said Miles. 

On offense, Nebraska's smaller lineup will depend on ball movement, the ability to run, and for three ball to go - something Nebraska struggled with last season. 

Enter Andrew White

“Since we’re a small team, everybody anticipates that we won’t be able to guard inside, but if we execute the way we should, they have to guard smaller guys on the other end,” White told reporters, including the Lincoln Journal Star. “I think the three-point shot could be big for us, especially at the three, four and five positions.”

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