Huskers OL starting five coming soon

Nebraska offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh talks about establishing a front five.

LINCOLN, Neb – The Nebraska front five is starting to take shape according to offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh and an established first-team could be happening in just a few days.

“We are going to start talking about it today,” said Cavanaugh after walking off the Nebraska practice field. “Obviously we are getting close. We have two pretty good groups of guys, but to me there is a separation. 

“Obviously we have to just come out here and work everyday. We have a lot to work on. I think they are recognizing things pretty well in protections. Are they perfect? Not yet…I think it’s a group of guys who like each other and are working together.”

Cavanaugh was asked what would end up separating the starters from reserves?

“You have to be a master technician and have that toughness,” said Cavanaugh. “How do we finish? It’s a mindset. We have to break people’s wills.” 

Unlike previous lines in the last few years at Nebraska, the longtime offensive line coach doesn’t anticipate much rotation at the position. 

“Until I’m told otherwise, that’s the way it has been every place I have been,” said Cavanaugh. “The five best are playing. It’s not just my opinion, but also the offensive coordinator and head coach.

During the Huskers’ Saturday night scrimmage, the first-team offensive line consisted of the following: LT.) Alex Lewis, LG.) Dylan Utter, C.) Ryne Reeves, RG.) Chongo Kondolo, RT.) Nick Gates

Also competing for time with a legitment chance are: Jerald FosterPaul Thurston, and Zach Sterup

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