Nebraska fall camp: Chongo Kondolo

Nebraska offensive line Chongo Kondolo says he's okay with just the five best playing. The senior also talks about fall camp battles with Maliek Colllins.

LINCOLN, Neb. – While the senior says nothing is set in stone and guys will have to earn it every week, Nebraska offensive lineman Chongo Kondolo appears locked in to the Huskers starting right guard spot.

“I think I have definitely gotten better competing against Maliek (Collins),” said Kondolo. “I’m trying to build consistency…it’s a battle each and every day…nothing is solidified. Even if I start the first game, it’s still not solidified.”

Kondolo has never registered a start according to, but did make 13 appearances last year. A chance for an offensive lineman to duplicate that this season seems unlikely. Offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh gives the impression rotation up front will not happen like it did with the previous Huskers coaching staff.

“Honestly it was one of the things that surprised me when I came here,” said Kondolo. “I looked around and even in the NFL, most teams don’t rotate. Everywhere I played football before here; it was the same five guys, maybe six players. I don’t mind it all. The best five play.”

According to the former JUCO transfer, it builds up competition at the position.

“It brings out everybody ready to work everyday,” said Kondolo.

Cavanaugh was asked about the battles between Kondolo and Collins, a Big Ten Player to Watch in 2015.

“It’s a hell of a battle everyday,” said Cavanaugh. Chongo is a powerful guy. He’s got tremendous balance. Maliek will get him out of sorts at times, discombobulated, but he can recover. He’s athletic.”

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