Video: Jamal Turner on fall camp (8-24-15)

Nebraska receiver Jamal Turner stayed healthy during fall camp and it has set the senior up for some ample playing time.

LINCOLN, Neb. - Nebraska receiver Jamal Turner came back from injury in the spring and knew he wanted to play faster. So with a little dedication and the instruction of strength coach Mark Philipp, Turner focused on dropping a few pounds. 

A total of 25-pounds to be exact. After weighing nearly 205 earlier in the year, Turner is now around 180-pounds during fall camp.  

"He came into camp in great shape. He lost a lot of weight in the summer. He had great intentions. He's made a lot of plays," Riley said on Saturday. "I'm thankful that he came back for his (senior) year here. I know that was weird for him probably, losing everybody that he knew. But he came back and I think we're going to be better off for it. He's been like the warrior, the iron horse, and made a lot of plays."

The reason Riley called Turner a warrior? Turner was one of very few wide receivers to not get hurt during fall camp. With an injury to sophomore wide receiver De'Mornary Pierson-El, Turner is line for some major playing time. 

"I felt bad for those guys, because I have been in the same position," said Turner. "I prayed for them. Our motto is, 'next man up.' I'm getting the same amount of reps when DPE was playing. That's why we did two huddles. We wanted everyone to get the same amount of reps."

On Saturday Turner popped in the Huskers' scrimmage. He's also hoping to pop as a punt returner. 

"I'm going for punt returner. I'm not going to lie," said Turner. "I'm just going to keep catching everyday to get that spot." 

Offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf sees a play-maker. 

"He's got some savy. He's good about being slippery and sneaky on his routes," said Langsdorf. "I think he's just a play-maker that way...I think he's had a wonderful camp."

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