Video: Nebraska HC Mike Riley (8-29-15)

Bring on BYU. Nebraska head coach Mike Riley talked with reporters as his team enters game week on Sunday.


Lincoln, Neb.- The Nebraska football team was back at it Saturday afternoon as the Huskers practiced inside Memorial Stadium for just over two hours. NU practiced in half pads, or helmets and shoulder pads, using most of Saturday’s practice as a walkthrough for their season opening game against BYU next Saturday.

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley met with media members following practice, mentioning that his message for the team was to get some rest and come back strong Monday for game week. 

“The thing we talked about at the very end was what we are heading into with this coming week,” Riley said. “Get some rest—a day off for them tomorrow and take a break, come back Monday and we will start what we normally look as our process for a game week.”

When asked if anything was different with this Fall Camp compared to others, Riley mentioned that he believes most Fall Camps have a lot of similar components. 

“The obvious bad answer is location, where I am at, but Fall Camp—there is so many common parts to it, it is more similar than not,” he said. “I have had to deal with some stuff that I have not had to before, like summer school, the school years go different. So you have to adjust to the place you are at and what goes on.”

Riley did add, “One thing is for sure different is the number of you all (media) and the number of people—even if it is closed are at practice. Those parts like that are amped up, a lot, and that is actually kind of fun.” 

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