Nebraska-BYU week: Daniel Davie

Nebraska cornerback Daniel Davie took the podium to talk BYU.

On the challenges of facing BYU’s quarterback
“From a cornerback’s standpoint, you just have to be good with your eyes, stay on the receiver as long as possible, not be looking in the backfield, because he can do so many different things with his arms or with his legs. Doing our jobs and staying on task.”

On the strength of BYU’s quarterback
“I know on film, he’s been running guys over and things like that so you just have to not be afraid, come over and be ready to hit him.”

On game plan
“Just one on one battles. Everybody do their job. They have two 6-6 receivers, so they’re going to be looking to get them the ball because they are taller than us. A lot of jump ball situations. As long as defensively we win those one-on-one battles, we should be fine.”

On Nebraska's talent at cornerback this year
“We have a lot of talented guys in our room, top to bottom, from the corners in to the safeties. It’s a good problem to have because we have a lot of guys that can play and get on the field.”

On the last 24 hours before a game for a player
“It’s extremely slow. Time goes by slow. You just have to make sure you know your film and know what to expect. Just be ready for anything, any kind of trick play, things like that. I stay with my iPad all day so I know what to expect.”

On Josh Kalu’s rise as a player
“Really talented player. Josh has fought his way around the ball. Really good instincts. Not the fastest guy, but is technically sound enough to cover almost anybody, really smart and asks questions. He’s the first one in the film room. He just does everything right, at the same time makes everybody laugh.”

On junior safety Nate Gerry
“Nate’s just an all-around player. He can come up and hit you as well as play the ball in the air. Great leader, always getting those guys together for stuff whether it’s going to a movie or stuff like that, just helping us be a close-knit group, which allows us to make plays as a unit. He’s going to have a great career here by the time it’s all said and done.”

On expectations this year
“I just want to win them all. Take it one game at a time. One step at a time and win them all.”

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