More from Nebraska DT Maliek Collins

An extended conversation with Nebraska defensive tackle Maliek Collins.

Big Red Report recently was part of a media gang that caught Nebraska junior defensive tackle Maliek Collins away from the herd. 

Our main published interview is above and was shortened, but here are extended member's clips from the 10+ minute Q&A. 

In this video, Collins touched on multiple subjects. 

  1. How he planning to deal with double-teams in 2015. 
  2. Who he models his game after. 
  3. What he has learned from new defensive line coach Hank Hughes.  
  4. The Suh comparisons.
  5. On if it's fair to compare him to pro NFL DTs.
  6. The reason he wears No. 7. 
  7. Senior defensive tackle Kevin William's media rant. 
  8. Rotation at the defensive tackle spot. 
  9. The linebackers behind him. 
  10. Juggling being a college football player and father. 

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