By the numbers: Nebraska loses to BYU

A look at some of the numbers surrounding Nebraska's loss to BYU.

Numbers tell a story and there are a few specific numbers that explain the BYU-Nebraska game.

379. Nebraska was coming in with what was said to be a strong secondary. After the first game they were gashed for 379 passing yards and gave up some big ones, not just the game winning Hail mary. 

3.4. It would have helped significantly if Nebraska could have got a strong running game going early in the game. They couldn’t stop the bleeding in the second quarter because the run game was rough and the offense couldn’t stay on the field. This fueled they BYU 17 unanswered points. 

6. Nate Gerry got his sixth interception as a Husker. Before this interception Nebraska fans were afraid that the blow out was about to begin. After the interception everything pointed to a Nebraska win - until the final play. Every defense needs to have a guy that consistently steps up to be the game-changer, expect that to be Nate Gerry. 

319. Tommy Armstrong threw the ball for 319. Nebraska already has a legitimate passing game and it will only get better as the season goes along and DeMornay Pierson-El gets back. But man, Armstrong would love to have the second quarter back.

72. Alonzo Moore accounted for 72 yards, helping the offense in the passing game and running the ball. Nebraska needed another playmaker to emerge and it appears they have found their man. If they could have only had him in the second half.

0. The number of field goals made by Drew Brown. He has to get better for this team to have the type of 9-10 win team they are capable of.

72/2. BYU quarterback, Taysom Hill, ran for 72 yards and two touchdowns. He killed Nebraska through the air, but it was his rushing that really put a few daggers in the defense. Thankfully for Nebraska, they don’t face another dual-threat quarterback like Hill.

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