Nebraska-USA week: Jordan Westerkamp

Nebraska wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp spoke at the podium on Monday.

NU Media Relations: 

On the odds of this team being involved in two separate Hail Mary's in three seasons
“It’s pretty crazy. There were a lot of things about it, like it happened in the same spot and they had their backup quarterback in, a lot of crazy things. Yeah it was a pretty unfortunate way to lose a game, but we have been on the other side of that. But yeah it was a tough loss, but we played hard and came back in the second half and I thought that was great. We are all trying to remain positive and Coach Riley is extremely positive even after the game, so it was great to see that from him and his coaches. We have test number two coming up this weekend and we will be ready for that.”

On Hail Mary's being dangerous plays, especially to the wide receiver
“From the wideout point of view, you’re thinking ball is in the air, its mine, I've got to make the play. It sure helped that the guy was 6-6 or something. He made a good play on the ball, and unfortunately we didn’t make that play and that was the game right there. But like I said before, I think our defense played well and they fought and our team fought as a whole, and I thought that was great to see that out of us.”

On how important it is to get some momentum for this week
“Oh that will be big, yeah we still have fire, we still have momentum. It was a tough loss but it is still super exciting to get back out there finally after a long break. The atmosphere was awesome. It was great to see all those fans out there. We will be hyped up for this game as well. It is not going to be a cake walk. We are going to practice well this week and we will. And we will be ready for them.”

On what positive things he saw during the game
“I thought we threw the ball real well. I thought Tommy (Armstrong Jr.) overall played a good game. I thought we came back well and put some points on the board, and a lot of other receivers made plays, and that was great to see. I had a pretty good game, so it was great to see that. Overall I thought our offense did well. We will focus more on the running game this week. But we still had some great runs. But overall I thought we didn’t play bad at all. Great to make plays out there, great to be back out there. Great to see Tommy play the way he played.”

On if BYU adjusted to his style
“No not really. I think they pretty much kept it the same. For the most part, maybe in the third or fourth they started bracketing, so they had a linebacker play on the outside and a safety coming over a little bit. But they didn’t really change much. Still had plays out there, still made some plays. Like I said I thought our offense played well throughout the game.”

On if he was exhausted after reversing the field on his touchdown
“No, it was a first time for that, a pretty crazy play. I never gave up. Tommy threw an awesome block, I think it affected three guys, to let me score, which is awesome. It was great to see that from Tommy too. He puts it out on the line all the time for everybody and this team, so it’s great to have him be the leader he is.”

On his thoughts when he saw the play begin to happen
“Reverse field, I just saw him dive and take out three and I thought I can score on this. Then I scored and was like, all right!”

On it getting replayed a lot on film sessions
“Yeah, you don’t see it often on a quarterback. Tommy is a bigger, physical guy and he is capable of doing that, and it just adds to his game.”

On how important that first drive was to the offense
“It was huge. To just have our offense go out there and have them flowing real well right away was big. To just show what we are capable of and what we can do. We just have to keep working on that part of the game, working on our game. And that will come with practice and we will keep working and getting better and better and keep growing.”

On how many plays were scripted in the beginning
“You have your whole install sheet and coach just kind of calls off of that. And we have our whole package but that first drive we saw what defense they were playing and coach made some great calls, and Tommy made some great throws and runs. It just worked out perfect for us.”

On if Tommy is allowed to switch plays
“Yeah there are alerts and plays and things like that where it’s up to Tommy for the most part.”

On his calf cramp
“I made a play and my left calf just clenched up. It has never happened before.” 

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