Nebraska-USA week: Dylan Utter

Nebraska offensive lineman Dylan Utter previews the Huskers' upcoming matchup with South Alabama.

NU Media Relations: 

On thoughts after watching film
“We definitely could’ve played a lot better, that’s for sure. We did some good things. We did some bad things, but definitely have to work on our pad level, hands and pass pro. That’s going to happen every game. Not everyone’s going to be perfect.”

“We expect every front to be a really good front. There was nothing that they did that we couldn’t have handled. We just have to bring it better next week, that’s for sure.”

On playing every snap
“It wasn’t too bad. The strength staff and nutritionists had us right with conditioning and staying hydrated, so I didn’t think it was too big of a problem for us.”

On getting the rhythm and staying on the field
“It definitely helped a lot just because when you rotate in, if you have one bad play, it’s hard to bounce back if you don’t have a series for three or four drives. Just being able to work through those ups and downs of plays helps a lot.”

On reflections after the game
“We have a grade-out system. Every play has a breakdown of what you could’ve done or what you did well, so we went over that.”

On what they did best
“At times we ran the ball well, sometimes we pass pro-ed well. To be great offensive linemen, you have to be consistent and that’s something we weren’t on Saturday.”

On third-and-short plays
“That’s what hurt us in the long run. We could’ve put the game away three or four drives by converting those plays. In order to win games, we definitely have to achieve those third and fourth downs.”

On fixing the problems
“Everything is fixable. Not much they did was something we couldn’t handle. We stopped ourselves a lot of times. The drives we didn’t go for and score, there was a lot of penalties that brought us back. You can’t have drive stoppers like that if you want to win football games.”

On halftime atmosphere
“They said the first quarter was really good and we were moving the ball well but if we want to be a good team, we have to establish a run and we didn’t do that in the second quarter. That was one of the main focuses. Some pressure they brought, we also talked about that.”

On his experience Saturday
“It was pretty cool but like you said, we didn’t win so it would’ve been more special if that would’ve happened. Definitely looking forward to Saturday to get a win at home.”

On South Alabama
“I was watching a little bit of film last night and talking with (Senior offensive lineman Ryne) Reeves about what they run and pressures. We’ll go over that more once we meet with the staff later.”

On thoughts after watching South Alabama
“You have to bring it every time no matter who your opponent is. Every team is going to be a good ball team. We have to bring it Saturday, that’s for sure.”

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